I thank social workers ensuring support to trafficked persons in shelters in these difficult times

Their activities must be backed in any possible way by competent authorities, including in terms of facilitated procedures for funding. Such activities are essential to ensure that women and men who have been subjected to extreme forms of exploitation continue their process of recovery and social inclusion.

For them, the prescription to stay at home to prevent the contagion requires that shelters continue to function, and that competent social workers continue to offer their services while respecting safety prescriptions. At the same time, I express my sorrow and solidarity with those who do not have a home, including asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented migrants. My thoughts also go to migrants working during the day in irregular and exploitative conditions, returning in the night to overcrowded centres, at risk of contagion.

In this difficult situation governments have the responsibility to adopt urgent measures to ensure that everybody can access healthcare and safe living and working conditions.