The victim’s consent in international law and case-law

VIENNA, 8 November 2021  – KEY-NOTE SPEECH – THE VICTIM’S CONSENT IN INTERNATIONAL LAW AND CASE-LAW by Maria Grazia Giammarinaro I will focus on three aspects related to the issue of consent in international law and case-law.  The relevance of consent for the legal qualification of a case The link between consent and abuse of a […]

Proud to have spoken at the launch of Talitha Kum’s CALL TO ACTION

TO CARE is an important word for all women. In the traditional division ofwork, social reproduction is the sphere assigned to women. However, thisdestiny designed by patriarchal social norms has become for women asource of inspiration, competence and ethical positioning.In the context of trafficking in persons, when victims and people at riskunderstand that someone is […]

Revising EU Directive on human trafficking? For bad or good reasons?

Directive 2011/36/EU is not fully and correctly implemented, especially concerning its most innovative aspects on victims’ rights. Therefore, I’m convinced that its implementation should remain a priority.  The main reason why a number of actors are calling for a revision of Directive 2011/36/EU, is the idea of making the provision on demand under art.18(4) binding. […]

Workers must be free from exploitation

1 May: this celebration reminds us that so many workers live and work in a condition of serious exploitation, in fields, ships, households, restaurants, hotels, trucks and many other places. Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees are the most vulnerable. What shall we do to deal with the systemic dimension of exploitation? National legislations and international […]

A “Manifesto” against human trafficking and exploitation

More than 50 Civil Society Organizations worldwide have endorsed so far my “Concluding Remarks and Recommendations” a living document which is becoming a sort of “Manifest” towards human rights-based regulations and actions against trafficking and exploitation, aimed at ensuring prevention, access to remedies including compensation, and social inclusion to trafficked and exploited persons. Here the […]

Trafficked persons must be protected from detention and prosecution.

30 July 2020: On World Day against Trafficking in Persons, Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, the Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, published a final paper at the end of her six-year mandate on the States’ critical need to recognise their obligations to apply the non-punishment principle. She further calls for the full respect of human rights […]

20 Years After: Implementing and Going Beyond the Palermo Protocol

Two webinars highlighted the need for change in the approach to trafficking in persons, both from a cultural and legal point of view, at a global level.Here the links: 20 Years After:  Implementing and Going Beyond the Palermo Protocol 29th-30th June Opening Session First Session Second Session Third Session Fourth Session 13th-14th July First session […]